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Created: Jan 21, 2021
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Everything we Mut 21 coins

The NFL is such a huge Brand in this country that people will purchase items that are nfl regardless of quality. Simply because its Madden 21 coins.And so they basically neglect every game mode apart from those where folks have to buy additional things to delight in an nfl experience.

I thought maybe it'd get into the point where the NFL would not endure something with such a poor score because the nfl does not like negativity witu their own brand.But that the problem is Madden makes the NFL money. And despite all of the terrible reviews it's not breaking up the league ticket sales or viewership. And at the end of the day that's all that the owners care about.

The only thing that's likely to find EA's focus is damaging their bottom line. I've mentioned this a few times within this sub par, we just need to arrange a boycott of Madden 22.

The matter is people have attempted boycotts earlier and it just does not work.There's not enough folks to create enough of a difference because there's too many people that are just going to keep on buying the Madden packs.

Everything we need is to buy Mut 21 coins educate people and get people to, not quit playing the sport, stop purchasing the packs.Madden gives away a lot of free copies. They Don't Really Care about the sport sales in and of themselves as much. They need people to have the sport because they know as soon as they are in the game they are probably going to buy a mut pack.

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