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Created: Jan 5, 2021
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Madden NFL 21 Gameplay

As every year, EA Sports opens the sports game season with the American football series Madden. Madden NFL 21 is here and we'll reveal in the test whether and for whom the new update is worth it.
The sports game season is open. As usual, the American football simulation Madden is the prelude. Are the new features enough to catapult the new update forward? Madden NFL 21, despite many detail improvements, is strongly aligned with its immediate predecessor. Fans of the series should immediately feel at home in the simulation. Even if the new, modern presentation of the menus certainly does not taste good to everyone. EA Sports has been pushing the defense with the latest offshoot. Thanks to new pass-rush control, the moves in the defense are easier and above all more intuitive to perform - namely with the right analog stick.
This does not revolutionize the feeling of playing, but it has a positive effect on the fun of the game. Especially in combination with the position-based tackles, which work for attackers and defenders alike. With the help of the skill stick, you can now connect even more special movements in the offense and turn us past the opponent at the last second. However, the latest part of the series does not represent a revolution, either from a playful or technical point of view. Nevertheless, EA Sports is the biggest critic of its predecessor when it comes to gameplay. Very pleasing.
A story no one needs
Probably the biggest update this year was the story mode "Face Of The Franchise". Story modes in sports games are always such a thing - let's just remember "The Journey" in the FIFA series. Madden NFL 21 is also honestly trying to tell an exciting story in which even rapper Snoop Dogg plays a role. Nice to look at, but without real depth and in places just to shame.
We like the new arcade game mode The Yard, which is reminiscent of the VOLTA counterpart of the FIFA series. On a smaller playing field with fewer players per team, the focus here is on fast-paced games. A successful change from classic American football, which motivates in the long term thanks to several more or less cool unlocks (leopard boxer shorts and belly-free tops included).
If there weren't microtransactions. Like Madden Ultimate Team, The Yard is becoming the driving force for EA Sports. Almost all activations are also available for real money. Money is governing the EA Sports world more and more and we don't like that at all. For Madden 21 Coins, EA Sports relies on the well-known (and successful) basic framework with some detail improvements. This may not be enough for long-time fans, but newcomers are doing better with the current series part. However, a season update model like the eFootball PES 2021 would have been the fairer, better way.

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