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Created: Jan 3, 2021
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I knew this was going to happen the moment they im

Yeah... I knew this was going to happen the moment they implemented the slow-drip technique. New Horizons is an incomplete game, however, they really needed to release Animal Crossing last March, I figure, even though it meant giving us waaaay less material than New Leaf. It is awful because New Leaf with New Horizon's decoration and customization would quite literally be a fantastic Animal Crossing game, but they thought that customization could take the entire experience for everyone, which certainly has not worked out.

The problem for me is that the game forces the crafting system for you for the majority of the things which you may want and the recipes are entirely RNG. If you want a specific furniture set you can not rely on a particular vendor to market that product, you need to hope that you receive all the recipes and that none of the items require materials that can only be obtained in specific areas of the year.

Frankly, I didn't like Tortimer Island at New Leaf. Those minigames were clunky and I didn't like how simple it was to create bells from the horned beetles and sharks. It felt strangely disjointed. I think there is a way to integrate Tortimer Island elegantly though

I'd just played the first and was really disappointed when the sole gyroid that seems in the Entire game is when you construct a bridge or ramp

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