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Created: Dec 16, 2020
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Alright, so as a"veteran" player in this game, I should know better but , I need some help in range. It is 72 and I would like to raise to 80 (or 85). So the obstacles I'm facing and that I need help with are: (Before I continue: I am training in the Stronghld of Security at the flesh crawlers. I'm not picking up any arrows and that I plan on just being autoattacked. I understand people will indicate Moss Giants maybe for the huge bones, but I have to study, and my method of training is letting my account train while I study/do homework.)

What if I wear while training? Clearly portions of green d'hide, but I see some people with rune helms and platelegs with the d'hide. I only want to know which combination gives the best bonus + the pros/cons. Straightforward. Iron or Bronze or Steel. My budget atm is limited to 300k, but with that said I don't wish to spend SO much on arrows because I do not intend on choosing the arrows up.

Anything else that could help me? Straight forward question: Any tips? Anything to make the training go faster? Yeah, only 8-13 levels but I have limited time to train (this spring fracture ) Yeah, so react, even though your data sounds mediocre because everything can help, lawls. Oh also, I am curious to how much time it might take me; obviously you guys do not know for certain, but estimates could be useful. Thanks.

Alright so I'm a range/2h pure. My stats are: Str: 61 (becoming 65-70), Range: 53 (getting 70), Defence: 6 (IT WAS A QUEST I DID ON ACCIDENT, ONLY ADDS 1 CB LVL -RRB-, Magic: 31 (might get 70 as it won't add any cb lvls if I alch or tele), Attack: 40 (staying there), Constitution/HPS: 54 (going up however quickly it moves ). But here's my question...I have 25 prayer because I began this pure spine when we had the old wildy/Bounty Hunter and that I could use expert item (don't worry I'd nevertheless risk) anways, SHOULD I KEEP IT AT 25, OR RAISE IT TO 31 OR 44?

I keep getting different answers from different pkers. Some state keep it, same state visit 44, some say 31? Can anybody (who knows what they are talking about) help? I believe I would know what I am talking about. Or I will, very very shortly. I would say get in the absolute least 26, to get hawk eye (it's some thing, more practical than protect item in any case) and probably get 31 and utilize quickprayers for KO, that's what I used to do... I got 44 prayer today, so I'll get back to you on it's usefulness once I get balanced.

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