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Created: Feb 29, 2020
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Old School Runescape RS gold closes Bounty Hunter worlds --"It's time to make a change"

Old School Runescape programmer Jagex has decided to shut the MMORPG title's Bounty Hunter worlds"until further notice" due to questions about gold farmers abusing them. Following an early announcement letting players know the worlds will shut down, the developers have gone in their plans.

"It's time to make a change," Jagex states in the statement. It deserves better, therefore we're taking a step back and considering its location in the game. Our goal is to ascertain a vision for PvP. Rather than move from one release to the next, we need a clear direction for the next few years that will inform how we style content moving forward."

Plans to revamp PvP will begin taking osrs gold for sale place in February, and those ideas will be presented to the neighborhood. "We also expect to re-release Bounty Hunter at a couple of months, provided we can establish a means to continuously monitor and act against fostering." Meanwhile, the minigame's unique items"will be made available elsewhere."

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