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Created: Feb 17, 2020
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I Ask How She Is Doing

We stood on peak of the church tower north of the Varrock Museum and only... talked. About RuneScape and his crappy math teacher of OSRS gold and really just anything. I stayed up till well past midnight and just attempted to get him to continue talking. Finally we said good night and he logged out. I have him in my friends list. He's the oldest buddy and is directly on the top. It's a bit offensive for a few, so suffice it to say I have not seen him login since although I'd normally talk about it and I haven't seen that name on another mmo. I think about him every time I am in the side of Varrock.

A while back I met a person through commerce conversation in WoW, we instantly bonded over the hatred of the personalities' race (orc). Over the weeks and months we climbed close and started talking every day. Our discussions became about runescape and more about our lives; that we are. We struggle with depression and while I have overcame mine (for the most part) she had not. Over the last 2 weeks the talks are becoming increasingly more about depression and thoughts of suicide. This is something very near and dear to me give how close I had been to this ledge a couple of decades back.

Therefore I did my very best to help her I know how. Another night the conversation turned to a possible one, and thats once I told her I would call someone to check on her, I couldn't lose her. But when a life is saved by it I shall put myself through the pain.

2 Days ago I ask how she is doing and see her online therefore that I message her. Now I'm at work so I was not able to stay on cellular long, I went back to work and put my phone away. Her name is gone from my friends list and A hour or so later I go to look at my phone, I can't find any record of her personality anywhere. She hasn't logged on to nothing and discord from mobile phone. Nothing. I am able to reach out to Blizzard who will look into a situation like this.Looking guy that is amazing so far, it has a lot of promise. As a fellow lover to buy 2007 runescape gold of RuneScape, I have just one suggestion: try to keep"runescape participant interaction" in your mind with each system design choice you make. To use a particular example, RS made a lot of changes over the decades that took off what I enjoyed most in runescape, and one of the largest ones was the market. I remember carrying my mining and fishing products and advertising back them during classic RS, as there wasn't any Auction House of sorts at that moment. On top of this, it just took a long time to reach the levels of a trade skill, meaning that most people had to concentrate on a couple.

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