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Created: Jan 19, 2020
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For some, it is not OSRS Gold worth spending the time farming gold. In my degrees nets me a bond after playing for about 24 hours complete. Consideting 24-36 hours total per fourteen days and I just play it doesn't make sense to spend most of not all that only afking to buy a bond. I just play on mobile and not so often. Of course for max mains who buy the equipment required to perform the big money making methods and will go on raids, it is probably no big thing. But for most runescape players mobile runescape players, it is just not feasible. Back when bonds have been over 4, although 2.5 mil maybe? Nope.

I tried contacting them since someone caught hold of my account and purchased bonds via it.I reported it many times, asked them to eliminate all bonds in the runescape game and refund the card (it was not my card) because the card particulars were likely being used without consent of the card owner. I showed them my account background, revealing that their service page and I'd seen IIRC, more than 50 times, a few hours after the transactions occurred. My google account background showed that I was not active, anyplace, I was asleep, in the time of these transactions.

I sent the IPs to them in my home computer, my laptop connected to house wifi and faculty wifi to demonstrate that any of mine happened not than the purchase. They basically just said"Just pay the 80+ bucks we had to refund the card owner and we're going to unlock your account, we do not believe you did not do this". Never again will I spend minute that is benefiting jagex or another dime on.

I remeber when dungeon hunter 5 was still newish, and even then you had to pay anyhwere from 60 to 90 pounds to unlock the best armour ingame, which would be replaced in the upcoming few months. And no other game will NEVER EVER have an choice to convert IN-GAME money into a service.

Games like this are a rarity and only other games that are this f2p friendly are a few mobas where personalities are available with earnable currency, and eternium are that they are extremely market in terms exactly what they provide. Appreciate your game, bruh, and esteem that they actually listened to you guys, rather than shitposting.I concur, spiders are everywhere. In f2p worlds all the source spots are greatly botted. New runescape players might think that upgrading is the answer to solving this. Certainly people won't pay cash for membership simply to bot, but sadly that's true and with bonds it's even simpler than ever.

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