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Created: Dec 27, 2019
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By WoW Classic design wow classic gold perspective it'd obviously be for the best if blizzard improved crap specs without nerfing or affecting people who worked fine in the slightiest manner, but truth be told we can not expect that much from them. Like the whole group that worked on vanilla is long gonesome vital designers are even dead so you can not count them for advicing or consultancy. Therefore, even though it would be good most likely what we will get from it is blizzard missing the mark completely again and breaking up the entire game. So like I suppose I support your point but I can't really tell I need blizzard to receive their hands about the dev whatsoever because well we all know they dont deliver like 10% of what their quality standard was.

I actually agree that there ought to be some minor changes. The fact there have been vanilla private servers for a lot of decades now some players who are gonna be 60 in two weeks and start killing the game supervisors inside the first month. That is going to ruin the experience it'll take away from WoW Classic for many. I really don't believe there is much to prevent this besides other players playing their role with slowing peoples progress down through world pvp. Though I do believe they should change some of the set items to gain different specs seeing as they have the"time/ability" to do so now. It can be so little such as 40+ ap instead of 40+ healing you know just enough to make it feasible to use different specs it would make it a far more refreshing encounter overdue game imo.

You got it sort of wrong with"tweaking amounts" to alter class balance. You dont bring a ret pally since they dont have some dps ability. Buffing their own"numbers" without changing their course design won't operate for example because ret paladins actually scale incredibly well with equipment. But their problem is that they are simpely auto attacking and getting oom. Yes I understand that it might be possible to alter it so they are not as bad and can compete better. But at what prices. Todo this so many tiny changes would need to be made that the authentic vanilla exerience would be lost. Also you are somewhat in correct once you claim that there will be no ret pallys / oomkins / non healer shamans and so forth.

Trust me that they are there and they'll be a jolt to top end guilds and that's why these classes will not be there. However they will over populate more casual guilds and pugs classic wow gold And one final thing. Its not bad for top raiding guilds to not bring the desireable classes. Thats how competitive guilds works in retailstores. You dont bring many or some of those specs which does worse. And certain class balance in retail is a lot better. But lets be real what is the fucking diference between a warrior dps and a rogue in retail.... I dont need one change to course balance whatsoever especially not"only the numbers" since that would alter everything.

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