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MaplestoryM Mesos

Could I be myself Maple story M Mesos together with classmates and teachers who would turn their nose up to something which was slightly different from them? In Maplestory, I felt as though I'd discovered a family who admired me, even if we did not always agree. At college, sharing an unpopular or fresh opinion would indicate me as a goal for ostracization.My Maplestory friends, like any normal group of friends, was perfect. Drama would rear its ugly head every once in a while.

In Maplestory, I found a woman who had been a few years older than me, a buddy. She listened to me when I got stressed out and left me laugh once I was on the verge of tears. After years of late-night conversations and hours spent trotting around town on the hog mounts, she met with an elderly boyfriend from Florida in Maplestory. After that, she started to snub me. The new man encouraged her to dismiss me; he would mock me and repeatedly accuse me of being a lesbian since I was attached to her.

This situation could have just as easily occurred in"real" life, and it felt just as upsetting to encounter in Maplestory. She was my first best friend, and I hadn't ever lost someone so important to me before. I finally gave up on trying to salvage our friendship.

1 day, I logged in to find that all of my account had been completely wiped--no cash, weapons, or clothing. Immediately, I guessed my previous friend, who had popped up from the blue a few weeks before to ask for help hacking somebody else (I'd refused). I had not even thought to change it. It'd never occured to me she would do anything so cruel.

I felt unhappy. Not only had I lost Maplestory M Mesos my best friend, now I had also lost everything else I'd worked so hard to earn in this particular game. My other Maplestory buddies offered to help me get back at her and her boyfriend (who I suspected as a co-conspirator). I refused. In stooping to their level I didn't see the point. It would not give me back my friend or my items.

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