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Created: Nov 27, 2019
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Roaming outside Finland: What you need to know

Roaming outside Finland: What you need to know
Long gone are those vacation days when you could just switch off your phone before getting to a plane and leave it that way until you return home. Now staying connected 24/7 is a basic need and very often a necessity, if you are traveling for both leisure or business. However, with the convenience to check your emails anywhere you go, also come risks that you should know about before leaving your home country.

So after a long flight, you have finally arrived at your destination, and all you want right now is a cup of coffee and WiFi. It won’t take long to find what you are looking for as many businesses around the world offer free WiFi for their customers. Too bad they usually don’t bother to properly secure their networks, leaving the doors widely open for cybercriminals.

What it means is that once you connect to unsecured WiFi, you put yourself at huge risk of being hacked. If you are not careful, cybercriminals may intercept your communications and steal your passwords, personal files, credit card details, or lock you out from your accounts. However, if you are using a VPN, relax and enjoy your coffee – with your connection securely encrypted, snoopers won’t be able to see and intercept your traffic.

Keeping access to your media content is another good reason to get yourself a VPN. When in a foreign country, you may find yourself restricted from accessing certain websites, including social media and streaming services. As a result, you may have to wait until you return to Finland to watch the season finale of your favorite TV show. Can you wait that long? Of course not. And here comes a VPN service once again – it will save your day by masking your IP address and allowing you access any website you wish.

To stay secure and private online, simply download the VPN app to your iOS or Android device, and connect to one of 5135 superfast VPN servers in 59 countries. And if you wish to browse the web as you have never left home.VPN download

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