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The three-piece BREMONT ENDURANCE LIMITED EDITION watches case structure on the diving table (sorry, Trip-Tick) seems a bit troublesome. Usually, in diving, the less gaskets and seals a device has, the less likely it is to leak, especially over time and after use. However, in this case, assuming that most S500 wearers rarely let their watches dive fairly, I believe this design is necessary in practical daily use. And, for its value, when I used it for actual diving, this watch was absolutely carefree for me, and I really wanted to implement Bremont's "Tested Beyond Endurance" slogan.

Supermarine S500 also uses anti-magnetic considerations and soft iron Faraday cages to protect watches from the magnetic field that is common in commercial diving environments, because all large-scale equipment carries large currents. Although you don't always see this kind of protection on divers, it's a good function and provides a safety guarantee for COSC level timing ability in sports.

This is a crazy number: according to co-founder Gills English, 25% of Bremmont's luxury watches for sale total business is military-related. This number has grown steadily over the past decade, with hundreds of partnerships with various military units around the world, including fighter squadrons flying at high altitudes, marine divers clearance and secret special forces, all counted among Bremmont's customers. Strangely, Bremont never really aspired to be such a sought-after supplier of military watches, but its fate was sealed up in the early days, while pursuing the development of its iconic shock-resistant sports technology. The founders of the brand, Nick and Giles English, were introduced to Martin Baker. With close ties to air forces around the world, the legendary ejection seat manufacturer will soon offer Bremont a unique opportunity to build its first squadron watch, a special version for U2 spy pilots, and the rest is history. This will initiate a 10-year military cooperation and side project, culminating in a formal and exclusive partnership with the armed forces of Her Majesty the Queen, one of the world's largest armies.

Although I avoid climbing onto my soap box most of the time, the S500 case is equipped with an automatic helium release valve at 9 o'clock. This is the "necessary" feature of commercial divers in decompression of saturated systems. For the rest of us, it's just a talk point and marketing game. Although some high-speed British commercial divers and Bremont fans in the North Sea may have used HRV for their intended purposes, no one else, including me, is likely to own or will.

Another diving-centric convenience in the luxury swiss watches case design is the crown position. Of course, there is a rare two-point position on the large spiral crown, as well as Bremont's propeller pattern. This is to protect the back of the diver's hand. Don't grab a crown buttock. Let me tell you that it works. Although it may be an aesthetically polarized design element, I like the crown of this position, which does add comfort to a fairly large watch in the 43mm S500, especially on my incredibly slender (albeit very strong and masculine) wrist.

Excellent slightly domed sapphire crystal mirrors and elaborate sapphire one-way rotating watch rings, complete with Super-Lumi Nova, add the previous version to the light show I mentioned earlier. These elements add a luxurious look and feel to the S500, which is important when you consider some of the five expensive gift packs. If you dive in the dark, the camel baffle is also practical to help divers track the diving time and squint less than usual. Bremont retains its original spiral bottom cover, with Supermarine seaplane engraved in the center. The BE-36AE automatic timer core tested by COSC is used for real-time timing. It is equipped with 25 gems, a glucydur balance, Anachron pendulum yarn, Nivaflex 1 main spring, 28,800 bph, 38-hour power storage, and Bremont moulding and decorating rotor. The improved ETA 2836-2 is the same as the original Supermarine, though not internal, but the highly improved and regulated nature of the Bremote version adds some value to the full inventory movement. My bremont kingsman watch maintained COSC time during the test, whether cold or hot, worn or not, and above and below the water surface.

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