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Created: Aug 13, 2019
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Purlin Roll Forming Machine Steel purlins are ne

Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Steel purlins are necessary for pre engineered steel industrial buildings, and some residential building as well, and various kinds of c/z purlin roll forming machines have been developed to produce C/Z/U steel purlins, Sigma/M purlins sometimes are also available. In accordance with different requests for C and Z steel purlins, we have specified C purlin roll forming machines for production of C steel sectional channels, Z purin roll forming machines for manufacturing of Z shaped channels and interchangeable C/Z purlin roll forming machines which are designed to produce both C and Z steel purlins without replacing any rolling tools or cutting dies. cz purlin machine
They are mostly galvanized or cold rolled steel strips from feeding, punching for holes, bending and cutting. Some customized requirement would also be acquired, such as high speed is flying shear and non stop holes punch with servo motor drive. Heavy gauge purlin could be upto 5mm thickness, with gear drive transmission; Sigma profile, Omega profile, U section could also be made by the same machine. Some more special requests are coming on the way. The whole purlin roll forming machine line is including decoiler, holes punching device, roll forming machine, hydraulic power pack, hydraulic shear, electric controller and run out table; motorized decoiler with hydraulic expansion, also coil car is optional; Bomb type auto stacker is also available.

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