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If you're not using Android Messages for Web to te

If you're not using Android Messages for Web to text by now, you're doing it wrong

Nothing is more irritating than swapping back and forth between your computer and phone while trying to work and text someone. It's hard to stay in a good workflow and, depending on what else you need your phone for, your battery suffers. For years, Android phone users had no choice but to use other messaging apps if they wanted to chat with friends from their desktops. But if you didn't know, you can use Android Messages on your desktop browser to type. Google calls this Messages for Web.

It's important to note that your phone has to have service and your computer needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. (It doesn't necessarily need to be the same network, though.) If your phone is off, your computer doesn't have Wi-Fi or you're using airplane mode, you won't be able to use Messages for Web.

Messages is the default texting app for Pixel phones, but there's also a dedicated app anyone can download from the Google Play store to use instead of the default texting app on non-Google Android phones. It's easy to use and there's no penalty from your carrier to switch apps.

As with Apple's iMessage, Messages for Web lets you carry on conversations from your computer screen. Note that you might have to re-pair your phone with your desktop from time to time.

Make sure your phone's Messages app is up to date before getting started. Let's do this!https://www.ttspy.com/how-to-see-sms-messages-from-another-phone.html

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