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Created: May 15, 2019
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limmzhou OFFLINE
Will probably be able to play WoW Classic

Also most mobs having an interrupt cast which no matter if you're casting a spell or not. Therefore, if you're a caster about to fight a mob who gets in your melee range, you may just wait till they squander their disrupt then start casting spells.Another thing is fleeing behaviour, which is wrong on private servers. On Light's Hope, if a mob is casting a spell, but then you put them below the fleeing brink, then they cease projecting and start running.

I am 99% convinced that in retail vanilla, they finished the spell they were casting before they started fleeing.Personally, the best thing about Vintage when compared with private servers is that I will probably be able to play WoW Classic without finding bugs every hour. Can not wait.

Private server mob AIetc is broken af. Hyenas in Desolace are farmed by mages on personal servers however in retail Vanilla they were running about the place and they every rewarded a fraction of the XP of ordinary mobs as they also had a fraction of the HP. A lot of mobs lack multiple spawn points and patrol routes.

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