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The same as the nba 2k19 mt first landing menus

The same as the nba 2k19 mt first landing menus, the Bundle Market, Auction House, pack openings, card reveals and in-game presentation have been overhauled.

There is a brand new search mechanic in Auction House along with your collections. An icon appears over cards that you already have in the Auction House, and you might also see the badges and equipment boosts that a card has by highlighting it.

From the Collections menu, then you can search by name with every card in your possession showing up at the outcomes. These are little maintenance tunings, but something hardcore MyTeam players might appreciate.

Another thing longtime players of the mode might like is your package opening process. The pack openings are quicker now, and the player reveals have a new appearance. If you're starting a box which has multiple packs, the opening procedure can become really long.

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