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Created: Aug 7, 2018
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Nearly a year after it inexplicably disappeared from Steam, mafia online has emerged from whatever safe house Yotta Games had it holed up in. And it's on sale, too, for 80 percent off the regular price—that's a cool six bucks, instead of 30, for the base game—which also applies to the Digital Deluxe Edition and the standalone the DLC.

Bad guys just pop up and down from the same spots of cover like sharply dressed moles: whacking them is simply a matter of waiting. Early in the storyline, Mafia City displays a convincing unwillingness to murder indiscriminately, surmising that the repeated and wholesale murder of swathes of humanity isn't the mafia's major focus.

Post bin-twattery, my beautiful hotrod's front end was a mess, delicate wheel arches and calibrated suspension wrecked. Mafia City's car damage isn't cosmetic, and it isn't staged: cars look, on PC, exactly like you'd expect flimsy 1940s vehicles to look after they'd been driven at high speed into things.

When this was first introduced I enjoyed it. Creeping into gang-controlled territory, quietly stabbing people, slipping money into my pockets, sneaking up on lieutenants and interrogating them, and causing mischief. But then I realised, after completing countless slight variations of the same mission for several hours, that this was the entire game.

That gave me, post-slaughter, two options. I could either run and hide, losing line of sight with the po-po and disappearing back into the city. Or I could play clever: get a car and slouch down in the seat, the casual driver rather than the fedora-wearing psychopath. Steer too close to a cop car any time soon after you've entered a vehicle and they'll tag you, remembering your face and updating their buddies with your new wheels.

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