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PoE Best Maps to Shape Things Up

If you’ve made it through Act 10 and progressed to path of exile itemsendgame, then you’re probably already familiar with maps. Maps are consumable items that drop along with other loot and can be used on a mapping device to allow access to an instance. Each map belongs to a particular tier, 1 to 16, with the tier determining the level of the mobs within the instance. There is a process referred to as “shaping,” which involves using a Shaper’s Orb on a map to change it into the shaped version of the map. Shaping carries many benefits, but it only yields the best results if done on the appropriate maps. Keep reading to learn about shaping, and see a list of PoE Best Maps to Shape.
Shaping Basics

As mentioned above, shaping is a process by which a Shaper’s Orb is used on a map to produce a shaped map. You can obtain Shaper’s Orbs by collecting memory fragments from killing bosses in Elder-controlled maps and giving them to Zana. But what exactly do you get when you shape a map? Simply put, shaping a map increases a map’s tier by five levels. In other words, if you use a Shaper’s Orb on a Tier 1 map will elevate it to Tier 6. Only maps up to a base Tier of 10 can be shaped, and once you shape a map its normal version will no longer drop – only the shaped version.
The Drawback to Shaping

Before getting into the benefits of shaping, I wanted to lead off with a very important caveat. Once you shape a map, you sever its connection to the rest of the maps on the Atlas. Why is this a drawback? Basically, because it can impede your progress to higher map tiers. In order to get Tier 8 maps to drop, for example, you need to run connected maps of a lower tier. If you’ve already gone and shaped all of your maps up through Tier 7, though, you’re never going to see a Tier 8 drop. For this reason, it’s advised to wait before getting started with shaping so you don’t grind your Atlas clearing to a halt.www.buypoecurrency.com/

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