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Prophecy Challenge Leagues

This poe exalted challenge league is the largest one so far in terms of content and itis centred around the new NPC called ‘Navali, the Karui Soothsayer’ who will foretell a Prophecy about you. She can be found in every town you visit during your journey in Wraeclast.

You have to find a new Path of Exile currency, Silver Coins from monsters, and give them to herin order to get her wage. In her Prophecies, she tells something about your future that you will see yourself sooner or later. Ifyou enter a certain area, you will immediately see it coming true.

While playing, your character can hold up to seven of these Prophecies at the same time, and each one of these has specific quest lines and rewards. These quests are very different and unique; you can even encounter requirements,which you have never seen before, with decent rewards by the end of the quests.

These Path of Exile Silver Coins can be traded and transferred among players. When Navali foretells a Prophecy, you have a chance to seal it for trading or later use. Some of these are very valuable, so make sure you claim your reward or sell it for a higher price.

Some of the Prophecies are actually story chains,it means that if you complete a prophecy, you will gain access to the rest of the chain. Four of the Prophecy Chains are related to the Pale Council that can be encountered by completing the quest chains and obtaining an item, Yriel's Key, which grants access to the entire council.Click Here

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