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Created: May 16, 2018
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FFXIV's Final Fantasy Tactics heavy patch will be

By way of the latest Final buy ffxiv gil Liveletter, we now know that patch 4.1 will launch on October 10. As we know it'll feature a huge 24-person (casual) raid themed around Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as a new dungeon, more story content, sidequests, another EX primal fight, job alterations, another housing district (the Japan inspired Shirogane), and a lot more.

There won't be a whole lot for hardcore players though, as this is mostly a catch-up patch for folks who haven't cleared Neo. An Ultimate Savage difficulty is being added shortly after the launch of 4.1, which will showcase a brand new tough-as-nails encounter, but it's just that sole fight, and it only provides weapons on the same item level as Neo itself. In other words, you'll have to wait until 4.2 until the next raid tier, as is customary.
“Yes, what you have seen throughout the 3.x [Heavensward] series - with the Main Scenario Quests, Raid and Alliance Raid - all that major content and how they are updated throughout the 4.x [Stormblood] series in terms of schedule is pretty much the same,” Yoshida says. “But, that being said, if it is literally the same exact pattern we're sure that players might start to get a little bit tired of that, so we are making sure to incorporate content that feels new as well.”
The most significant new addition on the horizon is coming this October in Patch 4.1: The Legend Returns. That update will introduce the first part of Stormblood’s 24-man Alliance raid, Return to Ivalice. The world is a familiar destination to both fans of Final Fantasy and Square Enix in general, it being the setting for games such as Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics. So far, however, Yoshida has been very coy with the details, as he tells us that “literally everything could be a potential spoiler.”
A recent developer livestream discussing the upcoming patch was also light on new information, although it was revealed that players will be heading to the city of Rabanastre in the raid. Yoshida has some advice for those looking to jump in: “Final Fantasy Tactics plays a large role in understanding the background. We would recommend if you've not played it already to try it out and experience that story because it deals with the start of the Ivalice Alliance. That is a key element.” That gives you a month to brush the dust off your PSP or give the mobile version a spin.

Either way I'm stoked to see more Stormblood content. So far it seems to have longer legs than Heavensward.Read More

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