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At GameSprite’s December 2017 games showcase in Paris, we were able to enjoy extensive hands-on time with Soulcalibur 6. It was, however, a restricted experience, with only the two-player Vs player-versus-AI modes enabled. The only two playable characters were Sophitia and Mitsurugi, and just two battle arenas were unlocked, both with a distinctly Ancient Greek vibe (even though the game is set in the 16th century).

And indeed they did. Weeks ago I finally got to get my hands on a preview build of Soul Calibur 6 at a GameSprite press event, and Mitsurugi ended up as one of my favorite characters to play, though he's never been a main of mine in SoulCaliburs past. Mitsurugi has always been a character who excels in putting pressure on opponents and punishing them for mistakes. He has multiple stances into which players can transition through combos, and multiple switch-ups he can execute from those various stances. He keeps everyone guessing, and he moves with terrifying speed.

Plus, it goes without saying that Geralt is a pretty snug fit in the SoulCalibur universe. Like Tekken, SoulCalibur has always loosened its grip on canon and lore when it comes to guest characters, and at this point pretty much anything goes. We've seen far stranger characters appear in SoulCaliburs past, and Geralt honestly doesn't come as much of a surprise. His inclusion would be incredibly exciting, though, and we can think of no better time to release his character trailer than during E3!

Though fans of both franchises might want to hold their breaths first since these are just rumors and have not been confirmed at the moment. This rumor began in a forum thread of Resetera where an anonymous member claims that he has a friend testing "Soulcalibur 6" and wrote "39 characters. Geralt as guest character. That's all I got," pertaining to the Soul Calibur online game's roster of fighters.

If you’ve played recent 3D Gundam games like Dynasty Warriors or Versus you’ll know roughly what to expect with the team battle action seen here, with tasks like purging fields of the enemy or uniting to take down gigantic Mobile Armours. However it’s the plastic model side (commonly referred to as Gunpla) that is the big difference here. You can create a customised Gundam by swapping parts to your liking and in the heat of battle swap out parts from other Gunpla you’ve defeated to repair your own. This is a necessary step as taking damage reduces Gunpla in game to the inner frame, the effective basic skeleton of nearly all modern Gunpla kits.

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