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Date: Jan 19, 2020
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From: fountains2go
02/10/2020 22:29:35

What are the Benefits for Using Pond or Lake Dye

So whether you
have recently added a new pond or you are one of the lucky ones to already have
one or a lake on your property, you are aware of how pleasant it can be. From growing
aquatic plants, to growing beautiful fish (even tasty ones to catch), or to
just simply have a body of water to enjoy, and benefit the wildlife around, the options are endless.

occurrences such as debri flow that has washed into the water or the growth of
algae, will leave your pond smelling bad and looking not so fresh and beautiful.

When this pond
scum or debris has caused your water to turn green or brown, it is definitely time to
give pond dye a shot.

If you are
like most all the other pond owners, you might have heard myths about the use of pond
dye. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of using blue pond dye, and to
learn about other tricks to keeping your pond smelling and looking
awesome, like installing lake fountain kits!

From: fountains2go
02/10/2020 22:24:40

A Prettier Look For A Pond

Like any body of water, ponds and lakes are always continuously affected and changed by
the environments that are around them.

So unless your
pond has a concrete or tile floor and sides, it most likely has grasses,
dirt, rocks and all other natural debris like tree branches or muck collected from
the bottom. It is good to know that even a concrete pond collects debris from fallen leaves of nearby
trees or dirt from around the edges. Even if you have installed a mini pond fountain to aerate and push the debris to the edge.

Ponds and lakes also
acquire debris from the runoff caused by the rain. These are all factors that will always affect the color of your pond, turning it brown, green or something in

Natural Blue Pond dye is
a great solution to this problem.

of the collected debris, runoff, or other materials in your pond or lake, pond dye will keep your
pond water clean and healthy color. There are even a variety of shades to
choose from like blue or black.

From: fountains2go
02/10/2020 22:17:37

Anchoring your Fountain


The fountain or aerator can be anchored to the bottom of the pond or tied off to the shore. To anchor the pond aerator you will need nylon rope, 1/8” – 1/4” thick. Anchoring to the bottom of the
pond, tie off ropes and drop blocks in opposite directions of each other. Bring the ropes up to the center and tie to the float or the pump unit. This type of method will
require entering the pond with a boat. If you want to use the shoreline method, tie the
ropes on to the float or pump unit and tie off one rope to one side of the shore.
Mobile home anchors or dog stakes work great for this. Set the fountain in water, being careful not to get mud into the pump. The other rope can now be walked to
the other end of the pond and attached to the stake. This method works perfect in
smaller ponds. Your pond water fountain with lights or aerator may look different than the illustration, but the
anchoring set up is the same.

From: discountpumps
02/09/2020 21:14:09

In the spring time and summer time we see them… dragonflies, and damselflies. They dance and fly around the
pond, doing what they do. During the spring time, it seems like every window or
door has dozens of mayflies on it. Not a day goes by during the warm weather of
summer that we do not notice different color dragonflies and damselflies.
Floating and flying above your pond, they seem lighter than air. Could they be
nature’s outdoor decorations? Yes absolutely! But these insects are so much more
valuable than that.

These beautiful predators devour insects that we would prefer not to have.
Dragonflies and their relatives prey on mosquitoes, gnats and other tiny unwanted
and dangerous pests. Did you know that birds and frogs eat dragonflies – one of
nature’s ironies. What makes it so ironic is the fact that many people go to
great lengths to care for bird houses that belong to purple martins, just so
we’ll have birds that live off of the mosquitoes. Fountains for ponds and lakes will also keep the mosquitoes away!!

From: discountpumps
02/09/2020 19:59:54

Our new large Color Changing LED Light Kit w/remote controller offer 8 solid colors and 20 custom holiday themes and also sport team colors. The remote has a range up to 150'. The color changing lights are very brilliant with color. The light fixtures attach to the fountain float and sit right at the water level so you will get the fullest illumination of these lights. Set the mood for your next wedding event!!

From: discountpumps
02/09/2020 19:54:54

Valentines day is approaching...perfect time for a wedding, whether large or small, if it is an outdoor wedding or garden wedding, make sure you have the lake fountain kits set up and if it is an evening event turn on the red and pink led lights to illuminate the fountain sprays at night!!

From: discountpumps
01/26/2020 22:54:38

In order to keep your lake enjoyable and healthy for a wedding venue, you will need an lake aeration system. Aquatic plants and fish live in the water, and they need oxygen to live. Plants and fish also give off carbon dioxide and other gases that need to escape the water. For still water, gas exchange can only occur on the surface. Water on the surface gets fresh oxygen from the air. But this is only enough to oxygenate the surface. Oxygen won’t make its way down to deeper water naturally. So aeration is the process of mixing fresh oxygen throughout the whole pond. This fresh oxygen keeps your pond water healthy and your fish and microorganism’s alive and well.

From: discountpumps
01/26/2020 22:52:15

Perfect time for romance and weddings!! Solar Pond Fountains or a solar pond aerators can be an efficient way to aerate your pond or lake and make a beautiful background for a wedding. While the main purpose of a decorative wedding fountain is asthetics, these solar kits are a great way to aerate when you don't have power! Now our solar pond kits make this an affordable option!!

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