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Date: May 21, 2019
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From: sleemalax
07/30/2019 11:39:49

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07/24/2019 09:02:37

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From: ulovers
05/21/2019 11:17:44

Know that my silicone dolls can easily stay healthy

During our sales process, we received many phone calls, emails and live chats with the same question: How do I clean up my sex dolls? You spent a lot of money playing with your doll. If you take care of it, it's a bit like taking care, it has to wash a lot inside and outside. TPE sex dolls need to be repaired. This is what you need to know:

You must avoid having these items contact the doll. 1. Products containing vegetable oils such as cream, soap, coconut oil shower gel, fruit oil, etc. Vegetable oil seals the TPE surface, thereby stopping the necessary respiratory function of the TPE. 2. Silicone oil: This product contains a wet condom (including polydimethylsiloxane) and a silicone oil based lubricant. Silicone oil can affect the TPE structure, making it harder, crisper and more brittle. The shrinkage process of the TPE can also occur.

If you follow your simple steps to take care of your silicone sex dolls, you will find a durable product. We have developed a guide to take care of your sex dolls and answer the most common questions.

Once a month, it is recommended to use TPE rehydration and moisturize the entire doll with mineral oil to keep the doll factory fresh. Similar to washing your doll, you can apply baby oil to the front half of the body, then wait for about 2 hours to absorb it, then turn the doll and repeat. Be sure to remove the baby's talcum powder before applying oil to your body. Vaseline can be used in high pressure areas such as underarms, ankles and vagina, but it must be approximate. Absorbed for 12 hours. Vaseline and Nivea cream have higher mineral oil content than baby oil. In order to provide moisture to the entire body, baby oil is the right choice.

They want to know how the storage doll best protects the small breast dolls. To be honest, there is no perfect way to keep your love doll. How to store your doll depends on your convenience. Some people have enough space under their bed, they prefer to put the doll in the box and push it down. Others like to hang the doll in the closet vertically. This blog part takes a few minutes.

There are no sexually transmitted diseases (sexually transmitted diseases). Sex dolls eliminate the risk of sexually transmitted diseases because she is handed over to you as a virgin, and you can test it completely. Her pussy is getting tighter and she has never been touched by a man or a woman. In addition, sex dolls can't be pregnant, so you don't have to worry about opening your lifelike sex dolls.

When storing your love or sex dolls, it is best to stick the dolls on the tpe sex dolls in the box with a soft blanket. If you prefer, you can also buy a transparent or white plastic case to cover your wedding dress or suit. Avoid black or black covers as they will contaminate your love doll. You can use the white bag on your head to start or cover it.

No cheating. If you are married or have someone else important, a sexual doll is not considered fraud because it is not human or real, although it has many realistic human characteristics. You can have sex with her as you wish, without any rejection or guilt. No lie, no deception, no drama - she is the perfect girl. The main customers of many of our clients agree with sex dolls because they allow them to explore new areas of intimate life.

The first day of the TPE love dolls is the most important day. Wash with a doll and apply some baby powder. They say that traditional baby talcum powder may be unhealthy for respiratory risks caused by talcum powder, so you can also use cornstarch. Corn starch is non-toxic and food safe. It is harmless to you, the doll or the environment. It can be mixed with spice powder and you can get rid of it if you want!

It is important to check if the clothes placed on the doll will transfer the color to the doll. If the toy is not thoroughly cleaned before using the toy, both skin types, whether silicone or TPE, will display color on the garment. In particular, TPE skin is very porous and may change color. This applies to anything that comes into contact with a mini sex dolls. If it contains ink or an object that may fading the skin, avoid contact.

You must pay attention to the stains on your clothes. New clothes can contaminate your baby's skin. Especially deep colors. A good way to avoid this is to wash your clothes in the sink. You change the water and repeat until the water is clear. After the clothes are dry, you can put on your doll. If your silicone doll's skin is dirty, use cream in the package and let it dry for a few hours. Watch the video in the video section.

How to clean the 100cm sex dolls body? Cleaning the doll's body is very straightforward. Depending on how often you use the doll, you should clean it every 14 days to avoid accumulating bacteria on the doll and extending the baby's skin. You will need: antibacterial soap, water, talcum powder (baby talcum powder), lightweight sponge, non-abrasive cloth.

This process is similar to cleaning yourself. You can shower your doll or drown in the bathtub. If you want to put your doll under the shower, it is important not to leave your neck or head too moist (this will avoid further complications on the road, such as rusting the neck screws). Thoroughly use antibacterial soap with sponge

Wash Love Dolls, taking care not to put too much pressure on the skin. Then gently tap the face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth to remove most of the water. Let it rest for an hour and then naturally kill it.

Although TPE big breast dolls are usually cheaper, they are inherently porous. This means that if not carefully sanitized and cleaned, they can hide and retain bacteria, especially if moisture penetrates the skin. It is important not to immerse the doll's head in the water at any time.



Diversity. We all want to diversify because our brains are pre-wired to find new things. You can dress it up as your favorite celebrity anime character and customize it in a variety of ways to satisfy your libido. If you are looking for something adventurous, you can use a sex 158cm sex dolls trio. Nothing wrong, it is not considered fraud. A true sex doll can definitely increase your sex life.

You can also put it in the closet. If you don't have a wardrobe, you can buy a beautiful industrial-style rack online, made up of heavy pipes and beautiful dark grey surfaces. The sturdy and sturdy mounting is very simple, including four casters (2 locks, 2 non-lockable casters) and extra doll space or hanging clothes and accessories.

How to keep sex 165cm sex dolls? The best way is to lie down or hang up. Some people also find it more convincing to wear dolls while standing. Keeping your love doll upright on your neck will make it easier for you to pull up your pants. Although there are many ways to store your doll, if you want to hang it vertically without breaking your bank, this is how to keep your doll.

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