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Date: Apr 8, 2019
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From: ulovers
04/08/2019 12:54:32

Naked love doll in the bathroom

For our greatest pleasure, the beautiful silicone/TPE doll, LiLy 140cm, gave us a sexy photo shoot and her bathroom was very hot. We found a TPE sex dolls that has a natural beauty and a very harmonious size that can be undressed and bare under the photographer's eyes.

Tailored dolls in your fantasy image.

This couple doll is sold in our partner store under the name LiLy. This adult doll is made from a premium Cyber ​​Skin TPE blend (derived from silica gel). All designs are designed to provide the perfect replica of a perfect feminine: soft to the touch, flexible TPE coating, and skin texture almost equivalent to feminine skin. This TPE coating from precision castings adheres perfectly to the high-tech metal skeleton. This FullMetal skeleton gives life to each joint (neck, knee, elbow...), making the pose as hot as sexy.

As realism and possibilities are pushed to the climax, you will be able to get the most faithful silicone dolls for your female ideals. Everything is customizable: from the color of the hair to the nails. Your fantasies will only be shaped and realized by making dreamy dolls.

Each manufacturing step follows the process and precise procedures. This technology is confidential for unique high-end creations. Quality control summarizes each manufacturing stage to meet increasingly demanding customer needs.

When buying your love doll, you inevitably face a tough question: Should I prefer to use a molded vagina or a movable vagina as my sex doll? This issue is worth reflecting. Choosing a built-in molded vagina or detachable vaginal insert for her sex doll is a serious and irreversible option.

If you choose a detachable vaginal insert for a silicone doll, the following photos will interest you. The detachable vagina is provided as a spare part of the contents of the package. This vaginal insert has a grooved cavity and the feeling of work is full of realism. The removable vagina has the advantage of being easy to insert and remove. After use, you will have all the comfort of cleaning the love doll's vagina without having to manipulate your tpe dollsoverall.

Do you want to buy a big silicone doll without hitting the price? For those who want to take action without spending too much money, the used silicone dolls may be a suitable solution, good news! Our partner store, uloversdoll, today offers you a large (160 cm) love doll for your first time.

The brand new sex doll for sale is a 160 cm wm doll with a reinforced skeleton for standing, a blue appearance of a feline, tanned skin, a molded vagina, two wigs and two wm Doll face (A5 and A21 faces).

The sales of the new silicone dolls are very good and have never used "sex". Silicone break repair has been completed on time, so no refresh is required. However, after these minor repairs, silicones have some small irregularities. The arch has small holes in the metal reinforcement of the skeleton.

Do you want to sell your silicone doll?

Use the visibility of our blog to showcase your love dolls, its history and purpose, and find a buyer who will love her. Our blog is open today to those who want to give their love doll a second life. Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.



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