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Date: Aug 13, 2016
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From: iraqiranbiz
02/02/2020 10:15:06

From: iraqiranbiz
02/02/2020 10:14:39

From: fountains2go
01/26/2020 21:05:14

When having an outdoor wedding, if it is at a venue that has a beautiful pond, make sure that the outdoor area surrounding the pond has a lot of birds, dragonflies, turtles and fish. That will help keep the mosqitoes away, along with a large pond floating fountain to aerate the water, and make the environment around the wedding more enjoyable and bug free!

From: iraqiranbiz
01/12/2020 10:51:44

From: jecen
12/27/2019 10:18:46

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From: chonajill
12/26/2019 11:21:05

9 Russian Seafarers Stranded in Portland to Be Repatriated by Christmas

CrewzoomImage Courtesy: Sailors' Society

Nine Russian seafarers who have been stranded in Portland Port for a month after their ship got detained by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) will all be repatriated by Christmas, international maritime charity Sailors’ Society said.

As informed, all the men have been paid and have received their plane tickets home. Four have already left and the final five are due to fly today, December 24.

The Nigerian-flagged ship, the MV Jireh, was towed into the port after it suffered power failure on November 23. The ship, en route to Senegal from Norway, had previously asked to berth in Jersey and then Guernsey.

The MCA detained the ship after inspecting it and recording 22 deficiencies, including failure to comply with on-board living standards.

Image courtesy: MCA


As from shipping companies in dubai The African-bound ROR/passenger ship was built in 1971 and was linked to the Norwegian company Norled AS, by MCA. According to BBC, the vessel was sold by its Norwegian owners before the ferry headed for Senegal.

Sailors’ Society’s alongside the Stella Maris chaplaincy worked on supporting the crew and help negotiate outstanding payment of their salaries and their return home.

“The sad reality is that we deal with cases like this regularly, all over the world – and for some seafarers, it can be months or even years until they are able to return home,” COO of Southampton-based Sailors’ Society, Sandra Welch, said.

From: freyacollins
12/26/2019 08:53:21

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12/20/2019 12:46:17

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12/19/2019 14:31:46

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12/19/2019 13:59:51

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