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POSTED BY: NathanDrake on 11/25/2020 08:01:54

Academic essay writer have been part of the education system and will remain so in the future. Though these academic essays instructor and teachers help the students learn crucial skills of critical and analytical thinking while letting them hone up their writing skills too. Essays help the students develop their research and referencing skills that come in use in higher academic years, such as in college education. 

The essays that you write in your school days are structurally restrictive; however, in college education, you are given freehand over the essay structure. ‘Help write essay for me,’ many writers might request from others; writers who step into their college education without full grasp over the structure, style, and diction of the essay.

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Academic writing type

Not only should the writers know how to structure and style their essays, but also how to do it differently for each different type of free essay writer. The writer also needs to use the correct academic writing for each of the essay types. The four major academic writing types being:

  • Descriptive writing

The descriptive writing involves explaining a subject or a thing to the readers. Descriptive writing can take the form of a creative description or a non-creative one depending on the type of essay. In the creative description, you can invoke the senses of the reader to help them correctly picture and have a distinct mental picture in their mind. While in the non-creative description, you involve your analytical skills and strip down the subject, classify it, define it, etc. without emphasis on creative writing. 

  • Analytical writing

The analytical writing allows you to get a more in-depth view of the subject through analysis done on it. The analysis prompts you to compare and contrast the subject with similar or opposite topics that the reader might be aware of. It also involves exploring the causal relationships between the subject as well as categorizing and classifying them.

  • Evaluative writing

This writing type goes one step further than exploring the relationships between the subjects: It helps the writer describe and merit the various topics and their dynamics. The evaluative writing works upon the relationship analysis and the dynamics between different parts of the subject, compares them judging them for their effectiveness, validity, logic, etc. This type of writing is usually employed in an argumentative write my essay for me where, after exploring the arguments with sound reasoning, the writer decides or favors upon a claim, point, or subject. 

  • Critical writing

Critical writing goes one step further than evaluation: rather than working with the option presented, the critical writing question, probes, and gets critical about the topic at hand. Through it, you try to find ways to reach a new conclusion or a new approach that appeases various objections or arguments on both sides of a case. In critical writing, the writer critically analyzes and evaluates multiple relationships, dynamics, and points at hand, through questioning, scrutinizing, and investigating the subject matter.   

The main essay types

There are four main essay types that you should be aware of:

  • Narrative Essays:

The narrative essays read like a short story with a particular plotline. Narration can be about a personal narrative or a fictional narrative; either way. In the narration, you should use all the creative writing tools and form a story with characters, plots, dialogues, etc.. 

  • Descriptive Essays:

The descriptive essay prompts you to write creatively while describing a subject that can be anything from a non-specific subject such as a road-trip to a specific object like a school bus. You will have to evoke all the five senses in your descriptions.  

  • Expository Essays:

The expository essays focus on analyzing the subject-matter for its various relationships and dynamics. The connections allow you to know more about the subject at hand, which includes causal relationships, comparisons, classification, etc.

  • Persuasive Essays:

Write my essay take argumentations and decide upon the merits of several arguments. It can also prompt the writer to come up with their claims and arguments or find a synthesis for various established arguments, though critical thinking, analyzing, and evaluating.

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