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POSTED BY: MinnieMoser on 09/12/2018 18:17:16

Can someone tell the best online logo making tool from where anyone can create own logo free and does not have to pay anything for designing any logo and also downloading that logo? A friend of mine is planning on starting their own academy near his place; he is currently going through all the paper works, so he wants to submit a unique logo for the registration process. He is planning on designing the logo himself first and getting an idea what kind of emblem does he want. Later on, he is planning to hire a professional logo designer or the logo designing company to bring the logo design in a proper shape. He will provide the designers with the rough design that he had been working on. Since we are discussing about the emblem of an educational academy, the logo will definitely be very simple and too much ornamented. The logo we are planning to get must be able to deliver the right idea to the audience which will be parents mainly and also the students. The logo should be attractive enough for the students and must be meaningful enough for the parents to understand and get the concept. Can anyone help me finding the right logo maker and professional designer for my friend?

POSTED BY: PriscillaKing on 09/17/2018 13:53:27

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POSTED BY: paugom on 09/24/2018 01:55:30

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