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POSTED BY: Haverne83 on 08/03/2018 07:58:32

This particular pandora boutique en ligne is another of new style of padlock bracelets introduced this year, which offer a different way of wearing charms to the regular barrel clasps. It’s hard to convey just how beautifully vibrant the colour is in person. The shine of a new bracelet looks particularly good in a Rose finish. The little bit of sparkle at the clasp’s centre looks so pretty as a contrast against the pink-toned metal.

This pandora bijoux design comes in Shine and silver versions, as well – personally, the Rose is my favourite finish of the three options it comes in. The branding and the sparkle on the clasp don’t seem as bold, as they blend more into the beautiful Rose colour of the bracelet, which stops them from being such a focal point. You open the clasp by pressing this little button on the side. To do it up, you then have to thread the lock through the hook at the end of the bracelet and clip it shut. This can be a bit fiddly, but I am getting the knack of it now and I can pretty much get it on and off myself without having to ask Greg 90% of the time, haha.

The back of the clasp is polished and shiny, adorned only by the new pandora en ligne – ALE MET – which replaces the original ALE R. The ‘met’ stands for ‘metal’. Unlike the silver counterpart pictured above, neither the Rose nor the Shine versions of this bracelet have threaded bracelet ends. This means that, when you wear it, the charms will slip right down over the thread and up against the clasp.

You could use the Pandora Pas Cher , with its silicone grips, to prevent this, and also to ward against the clasp opening unexpectedly. However, I’m still not sure that I really like this look – if they did the longer safety chain lengths again, I might prefer it. Otherwise, you can just use two regular or silicone-lined clips to stop charms rolling on to the bracelet ends, which is what I think I’ll end up doing. I was so excited to style this bracelet, as this is my very first Pandora bracelet (leathers excluded) where the chain isn’t silver! 


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