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POSTED BY: Berman on 01/06/2018 03:52:50

This is an adorable and rather funny-looking little pandora charms disney. One of my favourite things about this bead is its expression; it has such a happy little smile. The eyes are picked out in black CZs, but thankfully they don’t look at all vacant or creepy, as Pandora have included some oxidised silver detail around each eye.The tail isn’t articulated; it’s fixed in place. When you put the charm on your bracelet, it hangs sideways, with the face pointing upwards and the tail hanging down. 

The pandora precios charms isn’t threaded, due to the inset stones, and it is quite light to the touch – it’s similar in style to previous two-tone fairytale beads but it doesn’t feel as substantial. The details are nicely done, however, with his tail and fins picked out with oxidised grooves. The hallmarks are tucked away underneath his face, as pictured here.As soon as I saw this charm, I knew that it had to go on my two-tone fairytale bracelet! This is one of my oldest and most precious designs – I’ve never quite been happy with the snake pendant (lefthand side), so I decided this would be the perfect replacement.

If there was any particular reason why this charm would be a Russian exclusive, and a few ladies from Russia have clarified that the pandora joyas likely relates to a fairy story by the Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, in which there’s an enchanted fish. This story does crop up in various forms in other fairy stories, such as those of the Brothers Grimm, so you probably are familiar with it in one way or another!

I approached a couple of people who had some difficulty finding one, before finding a lovely lady through my Instagram who could help me. When the charm arrived, I was not disappointed – it is just delightful!The thing that struck me straight away is just how well the gold crown and the warm ochre stones complement each other. For me, this isn’t a pandora disney 2017 wherein the use of CZ and a hint of sparkle seems gratuitous or offputting – in this case, I really think it adds to the charm’s design.

I think that the warm amber of the stones actually contrasts with and complements the pink very well. Even though the pandora anillos precios has a lot of CZ detailing, and it’s a lot lighter than some of the older beads, in terms of style it blends in with the classic Pandora charms perfectly.As you can see from these shots, the amount of gold in the crown of the fish is comparable with that of older beads, such as the classic and much-loved two-tone Queen Bee!


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